Come to where the broadband is

Haven’t posted much here in a while, I know. There have been updates to the ‘relocation’ portion of this site, however, since this is what has mostly kept me busy over the last couple months. Yet I’m seriously back online, this time with an ADSL
connection. Damn… How can I ever go back to dial-up? Install was a snap, and I’m now surfing at 600kbps to 700kbps – with peeks at 1Mbps+. Funny thing is, this is with the same good ol’ Pentium 200 PC that used to be hooked up to the Net with a mere 28.8kbps modem five years ago. The box now has USB connections for the trackball and printer as well as an ADSL hookup. Oh, and it is running on 110V instead of 220V since I justed moved to California – all at the flip of a switch. Talk about a flexibile and upgradeable architecture… You’ve gotta love it. I do, anyway ;-)

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