Bunch o’ quickies

Byte was probably the best magazine ever to address the field of information technology… Here is a link to the story of how it all ended – which I just happened to be looking for the other day. As far as my ADSL connection goes, I began having some issues with the software provided by SBC – apparently like everyone else. After
doing some resarch in places like DSL Reports, I went ahead and installed RASPPPOE as a new PPPOE ‘client’. After all these years it still amazes me how much good
software is available out there, legally, for free. The connection now works flawlessly. If you just got broadband yourself and are planning to stay connected for extended periods of time, don’t forget to install some kind of firewall. I picked ZoneAlarm for now, until I make up my mind and go for an hardware router/firewall combination from companies like LinkSys.

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