Ordering prints online

If you happen to have digital images that you want to tuck in a regular photo album, then you should give Photocolor’s online services a try. I was rather sceptical when they required me to download a piece of software. It turned out this little application was as close to perfect as an application can get. It installed quickly and led me flawlessly through a short procedure at the end of which my picture files got uploaded to Photocolor’s server. A couple days later, prints were in my (snail)mailbox. Highly recommended, unless you print your digital shots at home. UPDATED 2002-04-21 @16:30 CET – It turns out Photocolor is a member of the Fotowire Foto L@abs worldwide network, which may very well provide a digital hook into your usual processing lab. You can actually download Fotowire’s own software, which allows a selection of the lab closest to you. So credit for writing the software goes to Fotowire, but credit for picking the right partner still go to Photocolor :-)

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