Hotsync’ing a Palm IIIx and a Sony Clié PEG-T625C to the same PC

No serious issue here, but a few tricks you’ll need to know about. There are more out there but I’ll only mention what has worked for me (Note that solutions reported here are known to work with other revisions of these products).

Getting both PDAs to hotsync

Begin by installing the desktop software on Sony’s CD – having first uninstalled any existing Palm Desktop software. The trick is to then download and install Palm’s latest desktop over the top of Sony’s. What you’ll get is the latest desktop software from Palm, with Sony’s “USB Switcher”.

Multiple PC users

If you have several users setup (say, under Microsoft Windows 2000), you’ll want to start over for each one of them. I know this sounds absurd, but it’s the best way I’ve found so far. Just don’t uninstall anything from user A before setting up user B, simply re-install both pieces of software for each user.

Using Chapura PocketMirror to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook

PocketMirror is compatible with Sony Cli� devices, but is not provided on the Sony installation CD-ROM. When you install the Sony version of the Palm Desktop, select the option to “Synchronize with Palm Desktop for CLIE” so that IntelliSync doesn’t get installed. When installing the Palm desktop, proceed in a similar fashion by setting it up to NOT sync with Outlook. Then install the version of PocketMirror that came with your Palm and upgrade it to the latest revision from Chapura’s website.

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