Book stories

I’m more convinced every day that traditional bookstores simply suck. it took “Les Yeux Fertiles” in Lausanne a full year (yes, twelve months) to fill an order I had placed with them. The FNAC anbd Payot outlets in Geneva are no better. I was
looking for a book today and hoping for instant gratification hit those two stores consecutively. Well none of them even had it on file. The book is Personality Plus, by Florence Littauer.A simple search at returns nine references! The same exercise at returns seven, mostly irrelevant but the actual book I was looking for was included. UPDATED 2003.02.16 @ 12:30 CET – Cheched Payot’s website and the book in question is listed there although they were incapable of returning a reference to it when I stopped by their store. Go figure…

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