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Back on a monoski!

T2015_11_21_0001_5s_SRhanks to the fine folks at Snowgunz, I’ll soon be back on a monoski (as soon as there’s enough snow around here, that is). Fine, call me a dinosaur but it’s felt like a long 12 years stuck on two spatulas to help the kids get up to speed on the slopes. They’ve made some serious progress and will soon be the ones waiting for their slow dad, so it’s time for another kind of fun…


Oracle Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert

It’s official, I am now an Oracle Essbase 9.3 Developer Certified Expert:-) After several years working with Microsoft Analysis Services, I decided to invest some time in learning more about Essbase. I have to say it has been a fascinating experience, both with regards to the platform’s endless possibilities and the quality of Oracle’s training program. I definitely should now update my post on Cubes & Universes;-)

Filling the gap between IT and Finance

A recent post at Accounting Mechanics suggests accountants should do anything necessary to fill the gap between Finance and IT. While I fully agree accountants are in a better position than IT specialists to provide useful management information, I can think of a few issues with that positioning, though:

  • Old-school finance people might see you too much like an IT resource
  • IT will most definitely see you as competition;-)
  • The added value is obvious once you’re part of an organization and start to deliver results, but it’s difficult to “sell” that particular skill set without sounding too much like “an IT guy”
  • You run the risk of ending up maintaining systems instead of using them to answer the very questions you built them to find answers to in the first place

Still, there seems to be quite a few of us out there tackling those issues and getting involved with a whole set of typically IT-only technologies. Feel free to let me know of any experience you wish to share in the comments.