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Find your stuff with your iPhone

Now that’s a coincidence. As she searched for her umbrella just a few days ago, my wife  suggested it would be great if there were some kind of gizmo that she could attach to objects so her iPhone would help her find stuff. Well it seems the guys at BiKN had the same idea. It’s interesting to note that their product is designed for the iPhone 4/4s, and Apple isn’t exactly making life easy for partners like BiKN as it switches to a larger form factor and a different plug with its iPhone 5… Oh well. I’m getting a Windows 8 phone a few weeks from now anyway.

Who said flight simulation was a game?

Austin Meyer, owner and developer of X-Plane, is now involved in the development of real avionics. Imagine a flight simulator installed as a piece of equipment in… a real airplane. Now imaging that, as you fly, the software in that little box “constantly simulates a glide down to every runway, in every direction, at every airport within gliding range of the airplane[…], simulating every possible choice you could make to glide down if the engine quit, and estimating a chance of success for that runway choice”. Well apparently that piece of equipment is real. The VP-400 Seeker can even take control of the autopilot if the airplane’s real pilot is incapacitated for some reason, although the product’s page does carry a disclaimer that “the VP-400 is for use only with experimental and light sport aircraft”. Still, it suggests a fascinating relationship between real and virtual worlds as far as I’m concerned.

Google ranking

Considering my shifting requirements (more family, more work, less hacking), it only made sense to migrate my personal website over to a hosted wordpress blog. The Pair Networks team has been wonderful over the last few years but I simply don’t need that much infastructure.

It’s always fun to check your Google ranking once you’ve performed such a change. As of today, the second entry that Google picks is a link to a fairly irrelevant post about multi-level marketing. The fifth entry actually links to the WordPress “relocation” tag page where my short piece on what I learned looking for a job is (for whatever reason) picked as the day’s featured blog.

Switching over to Google groups (Usenet, really) provides a different, unfortunate picture. Boy, what was I even thinking about 10 years ago? I had probably spent too much time trying to get things to work and frustration way beginning to become apparent. This has got to be a lesson to remember…

Hopefully this blog’s content related to Data Management and Business Intelligence with progressively take precedence over less relevant material.
 I’d rather have this piece comparing Business Objects and Microsoft Analysis Services cubes come up first;-)

Geocaching: a new kind of game

Not sure about you, but I certainly didn’t know about geocaching until today: “The core sport involves using a handheld GPS unit to guide you to a destination, where a hidden container (“cache”) is stored. Once found, you log your visit in an included logbook, and optionally trade one of the many contained “goodies” for one of your own.” Now isn’t this a great combination?