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New job

Of course I haven’t spent the last few months exclusively fooling around with HTML code. In my *cough* spare time *cough*, I’ve also been looking for a job – still a major missing piece in the puzzle our life has become since we had to leave California. Well it seems the puzzle is now complete. I’ll be taking a job at a large financial institution starting June 1, 2002 (if you read this you’ll be among the first to know :-)


Boy I’m glad tax season is behind us. Well, not exactly behind since Swiss payments will be nicely scheduled throughout the course of the year, but a good chunck of administrativia is now done. We had to file seperate returns in the US, file a common return in the place where we spent our first few months back here, and file yet once more in the place where we now live. Oh, and that good ol’ supposed US refund ended up being… a balance due.
As I said, I’m glad this is now over…

Latest news

We spent a while yesterday afternoon at the Interdean warehouse in Geneva – the company that has managed our move and will be storing our stuff until we find an apartment. There were several items we needed to get a hold of (mostly clothes) so we were present when they transfered everything from the shipping company’s container to one of theirs. On a different note, we also spent last week-end in Alsace, visiting Colmar, the Haut-Koenigsburg, “La Montagne des Singes”, Kaysersberg and overall having a really good time. It was freezing, though.
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