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New job

Of course I haven’t spent the last few months exclusively fooling around with HTML code. In my *cough* spare time *cough*, I’ve also been looking for a job – still a major missing piece in the puzzle our life has become since we had to leave California. Well it seems the puzzle is now complete. I’ll be taking a job at a large financial institution starting June 1, 2002 (if you read this you’ll be among the first to know :-)


Boy I’m glad tax season is behind us. Well, not exactly behind since Swiss payments will be nicely scheduled throughout the course of the year, but a good chunck of administrativia is now done. We had to file seperate returns in the US, file a common return in the place where we spent our first few months back here, and file yet once more in the place where we now live. Oh, and that good ol’ supposed US refund ended up being… a balance due.
As I said, I’m glad this is now over…

Travel-related quickies

We’re back from a few day in Istanbul, Turkey. Since we organized everything in a hurry, traditional local travel agencies such as Hotelplan and Kuoni totally failed to provide us with a decent offer – both from a price and features standpoint. After some searching through my bookmarks, I stumbled upon Their homepage listed prices for flying to Istanbul that were below anything I’d seen so far. We had to deal with them by phone because departure was less than 72 hours away, but the experience was great nonetheless. We picked up our tickets from their Geneva office minutes before they released a new version of their website which should include even more features – all in all highly recommended. Also useful:, which gives you direct access to your schedule if your trip was booked through AMADEUS.