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Are you writing effective emails?

A CFO I used to work for insisted that alternatives be listed clearly at the beginning of a message in a/b/c fashion when his input was required. Since he was frequently away from a full-fledged PC, it had to fit on a Blackberry screen with any additional background information tucked below.

Well Kabir Sehgal goes a bit further. Follow this link to discover how to write email with military precision.

Private Banking innovation

I’ve essentially seen Clayton Christensen (“The Innovator’s Dilemma“) quoted in the context of the high-tech industry so it was refreshing to read about him in a post about innovation in wealth management. Alex Osterwalder suggests a few questions to ask yourself if you intend to identify “the next Skype of Private Banking”:

  • What are the unfulfilled needs and niche markets?
  • Which innovations (products & services, business models, technology, processes) are perceived as substandard?
  • Which disruptive innovations have already conquered a niche market and are expanding customer numbers?
  • Is any disruptive innovation already changing the incumbents’ market?

What do you think?

Take a vocation vacation

Brian Kurth, Vocation Vacations‘s founder, insists that “happiness and passion can and should be an integral part of what you do”. His company thus gives you an opportunity to test the waters and spend a few days experimenting with a new job without leaving your current occupation. Vocation Vacations even offers gift certificates. I’m sure you could argue this is just a sign that people complain too much, that it has always been possible to pursue your dreams if you only had the guts. As for me, I think it’s a wonderful idea.