About me

As a graduate student in international management I started building bridges between a passion for information technology and the world of business. This naturally translated, once graduated, into applying with several of the high-tech marvels of the time, which landed me a job at SGI in 1996. The company gave me responsibilities first in production scheduling, then in material requirements planning. My early foray into database and web technologies to build an online decision support system paved the way for more IT-related work in Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), always operating at the boundary between users and developers of these systems. The latter kept me busy not only in Switzerland and around Europe but also for a year at SGI’s headquarter in Mountain View, CA.

The possibilities of using technology to solve business problems are clearly not bound to the high-tech industry. I joined an international financial institution in 2002 as a member of their data warehousing team, which evolved into a management accounting position – both very much focused around making sense of large amounts of data via multidimensional modeling & analysis. I currently work as a Financial Controller for IT & Operations at a company providing wealth management infrastructure services.

A copy of my resume is available here.